New Jersey attacks rabid Fox

New Jersey attacks rabid Fox

One day probably a rabid Fox attacked two people and a cat in Stanhope, new Jersey.

67-year-old Gil, Moscatiello told ABC that the Fox grabbed his leg literally in two steps from his own home.

New Jersey attacks rabid Fox

Gil was able to throw with his legs the animal, but it immediately grabbed his ankle again, the man says.

«And I was standing with a raised leg and the Fox on my ankle. Finally, I did it again to unhook her, she flew off and disappeared into the forest,» he added.

As he told police, just a few hours before the Fox attacked the cat family in the neighborhood.

«She came out of the woods, the cat rushed up the stairs to the house and she followed,» — said the owner of the cat Laura Villavicencio.

The third Fox attack occurred in the house where you got the animal. The owner of the house managed to lock Fox into the cellar, after which the man called the police and service dogs.

Fox will test for rabies, which is likely to be confirmed, because foxes usually shy away from people and certainly not climb into the house to attack them.

«Once I felt it bite me I knew I was in for rabies shots,» the 67yr #NJ man wrestles w/fox; 3 attacks in 1 day. #abc7ny @firstatfour #Exclusive

— Darla Miles (@DarlaMiles7) June 27, 2017