Uber drunken passenger tried to take the wheel from the driver and almost crashed the car

The trip that almost cost the life of the Uber driver and his drunken passenger, fortunately, was recorded on the DVR.

Now the taxi driver DAX Castro demands to bring to justice the man who almost killed them both. He posted the video from the camera to Facebook, hiding the face of the passenger.

This is not the first time a driver is faced with a deadly danger at work. Last year a customer pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.

The taxi driver said that the evening of 19 January took the passenger out of the bar in Citrus Heights (Sacramento). He sat in the front seat, was obviously drunk and, according to Castro, talked rubbish. Then the man tried to get behind the wheel of a taxi and beat the car. The driver swerved across three lanes on highway 99 near highway 50 and then back on the freeway to call 911.

The highway patrol confirmed that Castro called them at about 21:40, saying that a passenger tried to grab his management. The taxi driver used all his strength to restrain the man. The highway patrol identified him as 32-year-old Zvi Wang. Police arrested Wang at the nearest doughnut shop at the intersection of highway 12 and Franklin. The level of alcohol in his blood was a 0.19.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything as an Uber driver something else happens that just blows your mind. I’m so…

Posted by Dax Castro on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Lucky that the driver was a bigger and stronger passenger, and was able to hold it. A man happy to be alive. The experience was so traumatic that Castro still can’t bring myself to get behind the wheel. Instead, he decided to ride a moped. Perhaps the man will forever quit Uber.

Uber said that the behavior in the video is dangerous and unacceptable, and this passenger will no longer have access to their application. Wang will appear in court in Sacramento on February 19 and charged with a misdemeanor.

Castro said that will convince other drivers to install DVRs. In the case of an offence the passenger side of the video will be important evidence in court.