«Beloved» elementary school teacher accused of raping 10-year-old girl and other students

The teacher, 51-year-old John Joseph Finnegan, Jr., accused of raping several girls in high school on long island (Nassau County, new York).

Police arrested Finnegan January 3 — the same day when he allegedly raped a 10-year-old student. The incident occurred during an elective at Jackson Annex Elementary School in Hempstead (new York). The other two girls in the class witnessed the incident.

Particular circumstances of the case are not clear, but during the investigation it became known about two more alleged victims who, in their opinion, has been the object of harassment by Finnegan when they remained on additional employment after lessons.

Finnegan, who worked as a teacher for 23 years, was charged with sexual assault in the first degree and three paragraphs of threats to the health of the child.

#Hempstead art teacher, John Finnegan Jr., is accused of sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl during an after school program. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. I have the full story on @FiOS1News_LI #FiOS1News #LongIsland pic.twitter.com/JRCGBF6tGB

— Claire Kerr (@ClaireKerrNews) January 25, 2019

The court has appointed Finnegan’s bail at $20 million, His lawyer was Given Grossblatt said that her client is innocent, calling it a «favorite» teacher in the district for over two decades. She denied all charges, calling them «ridiculous».

School district January 9, informed the parents about the incident. Some of them were indignant that this happened only after 5 days.

«As soon as we have any evidence that what is happening could be criminal in nature, the authorities were informed,» said the district chief Regina Armstrong.

Detectives are asking for anyone who believes that their child could become a victim of Finnegan, or who may have information about the incidents to contact the Special Victims Squad at phone number: (516) 573-4022 or Crime Stoppers at the number 1-800-244-TIPS. A message can be left anonymously.


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  1. I don’t know where the author Claire Kerr (@ClaireKerrNews) “studied” journalism, but this specific report on this story is completely riddled with completely FALSE facts! The alleged defendant is NOT behind bars, he posted bail immediately, and it was $20,000 NOT $20 million!

    You were also unable to get the name of the defendant’s name gravely incorrect. The name of the defense attorney is Dana Grossblattlso, NOT Given Grossblatt, as you have once again falsely stated.

    Most importantly, there are ZERO alleged charges of RAPE against the defendant! That is NOT a word that should EVER be tossed around lightly, especially is a so called “news outlet.”

    Get your facts straight like any other news outlet has managed to do, or find another career outside of journalism. All you are doing is perpetuating fallacies, that as any type of journalist, should be regarded as the #1 cardinal sin! Both the author of this article, Claire Kerr @ClaireKerrNews as well as @FiOS1news_LI should be incredibly embarrassed about their utter lack of competency in something as simple as a basic fact check. Shame on you!

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