In Los Angeles the robber, threatening with a pistol, took from 2 stores money and lottery tickets (video)

The police of Los Angeles is asking for help to detain the man who committed the morning of 27 January armed robbery 2 convenience stores on Santa Monica Boulevard.

In both cases, the offender lifted his jacket to show the seller that he had a pistol on his belt, and then demanded money and lottery tickets.

According to police, around 1.15 night a man entered the store on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Wellesley Avenue. At the cash register it by showing the seller of the gun and put on the counter a plastic bag and told me to fold back the proceeds, and then demanded more and lottery tickets. Grabbing the package with the loot, the robber fled.

The same morning, about 6.15, the same «extortion» came to the store at the gas station on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Beloit Avenue. He walked back to the counter, laid it on the counter and demanded money. The seller at first did not understand, so the robber lifted his jacket, his belt he could see the black handle of a gun. In the same way as in the first store, the man took lottery tickets and cash.

According to witnesses, in both cases, the robber fled the scene on foot.

Signs of the robber

The police describes the offender as a white male, 27-33 years old, of medium build, with a height of 1.8 m and 1.9 m, with short brown or red hair. That man was: Hurley hat, a dark jacket with pale V-shaped stripe across the front, black jeans and black boots. During the second robbery he was wearing blue medical gloves.

Anyone with information about this man please contact detective Withzero about the robbery in West Los Angeles tel: (310) 444-1529. After hours you can call (877) LAPD-24-7 or send an anonymous message to the number (800) 222-TIPS.