Station 125 St subway to new York city is dangerous. For a day or two brawls

In East Harlem today around noon at the station 125 St there was a scuffle between a passenger and a conductor. As it is now, says an employee of the MTA, a citizen while in the car, held the door, preventing them to close. In response to the requirement of the employee of the subway stop cause interference with the door, the man punched him in the face: the Explorer, a 31-year-old Shawnee, Riley, received a fracture of the nose. However, Riley did not fall and hit the passenger in response, breaking his lip. In the end, Riley treats in the hospital for a nose, and a passenger, 30-year-old Julio Leonard, was detained by the police.

Station 125 St subway to new York city is dangerous. For a day or two brawls

The father of the conductor, 60-year-old Michael Riley, told the Daily News that he was surprised by his son’s behavior and did not know that side of him, but supports Shawnee, «He defended himself. I was expecting if it will work in MTA, that such thing would ever happen».

The President of the trade Union of transport workers Tony Utano made a statement: «Passengers do not fully understand how difficult and dangerous it can be to work in subway. This terrible incident is an example of the ugly. It was disgusting and outrageous attack, and we will do everything to make this a criminal get the punishment he deserves».

It all happened at the same metro station, in the same East Harlem, where yesterday around 16:00 was injured the passenger, 34-year-old John Kramer. He accidentally bumped into you on the platform with another passenger, and he drew a knife, slashed him in the face. Kramer cuts of the forehead and ears told ABC that he wants to be sure the attacker was caught: «Such people should not be let out on the street!» Criminal the police are looking for. They say he looks about 30 years old, he was in a black jacket, orange hoodie and blue jeans.