New York schools plan to add 6 new output

In Albany are considering a bill according to which in the schools of new York can enter 6 new weekend religious holidays: one Sikh, two Muslim, two Hindu, and the Christian Good Friday.

This law promotes Kevin Thomas, first Senator from new York of Indian descent. He wants to give new York schools to provide students 6 additional output, to enable children to celebrate important religious dates.

«Appropriate and fair to declare the day a holiday Diwali, Eid or Vaisakhi, which is so important for people from the South Asian community, said state Senator Kevin Thomas, – For them, this day is as important to us as Christmas and New year.»

The bill allows to declare the school a day off, if the number of students with the appropriate faith is at least 7.5% of the total. Parents often find it difficult to make a choice between religion and education, but many new Yorkers say they would welcome such changes.

«Children will be able to love and to learn more about their culture. In today’s world it is very difficult to follow the family tradition, — said a resident of Smithtown Amit Tank reporters CBS New York — Every person has the right to their religion».

However, there are opponents of this bill. Nick fish, President of the nonprofit organization American Atheists, described the purpose of the law is admirable, but added: «Attempts to make the weekend for each existing religious holiday is not feasible. The choice between them is a manifestation of discrimination and inequality.»

If New Bill Is Passed, New York State Would Add 6 New Holidays To The School Calendar

— Carolyn Gusoff (@GusoffTV) March 7, 2019

Representatives of the Ministry of education of the state of new York believe that the current law there is nothing that could prevent its adoption, if the children continued to attend school at least 180 days a year.

Now the new York schools are closed for the Lunar New year and the Islamic Eid al-Fitr. As some schools on long island have already begun to celebrate Diwali.

«Diwali is a festival of light and happiness, the most important Hindu festival,» said Pipi Mani, a priest at the Hindu temple in Hicksville Asami, also supports the bill.