Stabbed 100 times and burned: the members of the gang MS-13 killed a teenager

In Virginia arrested five likely members of the violent street gang MS-13.

As reported in law enforcement, they are charged with first-degree murder. Those arrested are suspected of having killed the 16-year-old boy, whose mutilated body was previously discovered in the County of Stafford (Virginia).

According to police, the body of 16-year-old Jackson Chicas found in a wooded area in the area of river road.

Investigators believe the teenager was also in a gang. According to authorities, he was probably killed in the neighboring state of Maryland on March 8. Detectives believe it was there, in the County of Prince George held a «gathering» of the cell gang, as the leader of the cell is just living in this County.

At this meeting, a confrontation between members of the gang, 16-year-old Jackson Chicas was attacked and killed. After that, I assume the detectives, the body of a teenager and taken to neighboring Virginia, where he was thrown in the forest and burned.

Recognize the guy could relatives at the tattoo on his arm. One of the probable reasons for the violence, investigators called the desire of Jackson to get out of the gang.

Five in custody is 29-year-old Jose Ordonez-zometa, 20-year-old Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 18-year-old Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, a 16-year-old Christian Martinez-Ramirez and 25-year-old Jose Hernandez-Garcia. The investigation is ongoing.

«A guy got stabbed about 100 times. It tells how fierce was the attack, and did not one person», — noted in the police County of Prince George.

We will remind, the gang MS-13, originally from El Salvador, is considered one of the most violent street gangs in the United States. So, in new York his «patrimony» MS-13 has chosen long island.