In Illinois the police are looking into whether the teacher had undressed the children and put them in the closet

In Illinois in East St. Louis, the parents of the pupils of the school in the town of Edwardsville shocked by the investigation conducted by the police and County authorities in respect of the two teachers that are currently sent on paid leave. Police received a signal that the teacher for educational purposes stripped the offending little kids naked and exposed in the open closet.

A possible child abuse case at Jackie Joyner Kersee Center in East. St. Louis. According to the campus police log: officers responded to reports of a teacher forcing a child to strip down and go into a closet as punishment @ksdknews #TISL

— Jenn Sullivan (@JennSullivanTV) March 19, 2019

The local police chief Kevin Schmall told journalists that the signal was received in relation to one of the teachers. The second suspect’s teacher, apparently, was known about the educational methods of colleagues, he was probably at least witness what was happening, but did not report to management or police.

A total of, presumably, four children aged 4-5 years were subjected to this punishment, other children had to see that. At least, according to Smolla, four children have said about it, saying that their 5-10 minutes kept naked in a closet for misdemeanors, and then returned to school. Schmall says that signs of physical or sexual abuse is not fixed. A survey of students continues. The teacher can be criminally charged.

Both teachers participate in the Head Start program, which is conducted by the southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Head Start has sent out letters to parents, saying that is actively cooperating with investigators and does not justify improper behaviour. All that happened was in the center of the Jackie Joyner-Kersee, which now States that only provides a learning space, but the teachers and their methods are out of his control.