Client Subway wanted to get the money back for my order, but got a slap

A resident of Concord (NC) submitted to the Manager of a local restaurant Subway Kenneth Lancaster in the County court of Rowan with the requirement to reimburse her $25 thousand compensation for moral damage.

March 8, Tina Richardson went to Subway, which is located on Hwy 601 and 29 to purchase for a friend older women sandwich rap Sesame-Ginger Glazed Chicken. Having bought it, she drove going home ordered it, but the roll is categorically not liked, because he looked exactly like the brochure, and in it, according to the woman, there was no ginger.

Then Richardson went back to the restaurant to get her money back, as they say in court documents. But the employee of the institution refused to pay compensation. At this point, says the woman, there is Lancaster, with shouts and curses, he told her to leave the room.

Richardson took the phone and began to record the unfolding dispute. After that, as they say in the lawsuit, Lancaster began to behave aggressively, he approached her and struck. Video diner where the owner attacks her, knocking out of the hands of the sandwich and showering obscene words, Richardson has published on his page in Facebook. Then she turned to the lawyer Bo Codillo and filed on March 18 aggressive owner of the Subway to the court.

«When she didn’t get the roll that I ordered, miss Richardson returned to the Subway, hoping to just get the money back. Instead she got slapped in the face,» said Codell. — «Aggressive behavior that is captured on video, is disgraceful and shameful. This should be extremely worrying to all Subway customers who count on a safe and friendly atmosphere, free from sex discrimination and violence».

Subway on behalf of Lancaster apologized to the customer, stating that the behaviour of the local team does not meet the standards of the company: «it is important For us that the guest were satisfied, and we expect that each will be treated with respect. The local team was asked to apologize on behalf of the restaurant because the incident does not meet the high standards of the Subway network to the owners of the franchise. The owner of a local restaurant expressed regret over the fact that he didn’t handle this situation».

Lawyer Richardson challenged the statement, noting that the company was not contacted his client directly. Richardson insists on compensation for the caused physical and moral damage.

Subway is a chain of fast food restaurants, it works on the principle of franchising. Is one of the largest public catering networks in the world. In the restaurant chain mainly sells sandwiches, wraps or sandwiches-brine (a variation of a burrito in a roll of flatbread-tortilla with meat and vegetable filling) and salads.