Police in Queens was shot in a half-naked man with a knife, podzhegshih auto

In Queens the police had to shoot naked man with knife, podzhegshih own car and tried to set fire to the car of the NYPD.

Photo of car set on fire in front of the 111th Precinct in Bayside pic.twitter.com/rKl9T6KXcH

— Catherina Gioino (@CatGioino) March 24, 2019

33-year-old Davis Jarrell, according to police, on Sunday around 15:00 drove his car to the house at the intersection of 215th St. and Northern Blvd. Rammed and probably intentionally damaging a police car, he stepped out of the salon. The man was dressed only in underpants and vest, he poured flammable liquid from your cans and police cars. Then he set fire to his.

The subject then set his vehicle on fire.

111 precinct officers exited the station house and approached him. He then brandished the knife seen below and charged at the officers.

The officers discharged their firearms several times, striking the subject. pic.twitter.com/Tmyk3i4Blt

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) March 24, 2019

In this moment he ran from two officers of the NYPD. According to police, the intruder pulled out from somewhere a huge 12-inch (30 cm) kitchen knife and rushed to meet them. Officers made eight shots, hitting the man in the leg, chest and even the knife. The attacker’s car was burned completely, the police car did not hurt, officers are not injured. After injury, Davis Jarrell alive. He is in new York Presbyterian Royal hospital, where he was taken from the scene. His life is not in danger.

UPDATE: @NYPDChiefPatrol provides an update on today’s firearms discharge in front of the @NYPD111Pct in Queens.
All information is preliminary. pic.twitter.com/pox2e8y1oe

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) March 24, 2019

Doctors do not comment on whether he had any other diagnosis, except for injuries. But the chief of the patrol police Rodney Harrison allowed himself to doubt in mental health of men: «When someone breaks a machine and sets it on fire, there is a possibility that he may have mental problems».

In the record as a violator Davis Jarrell does not appear, he was not convicted and did not linger.