The first day of the Ultra Music Festival was like Fyre Festival 2: visitors are outraged by the poor organization of the festival

This year the venue of the Ultra Music Festival was chosen the island of Virginia Key. Location, seemingly perfectly matched, since the island is removed from the city, and that means residents Miami (FL) has finally been released from noise and congested roads with which they have always faced in the period of the festival.

However, it turned out that this year the organizers made a serious error in logistics, which immediately led to catastrophic consequences. On the first day of the festival, March 29, thousands of visitors couldn’t leave the island and be stuck there for a few hours.

About 2 nights as soon as the last set of concerts, thousands (and on this day the festival was visited by about 50 thousand people) were forced to wait for several hours claimed by the organizers of the buses that was to take them back to the mainland. Some, tired of waiting transportation, were about 3 miles (4.83 km) Rickenbacker Causeway and found its way to Miami.

@ultra almost feels like #FyreFestival #Ultra and it’s only day 1

— Duke (@DukeAmazin) March 30, 2019

It is reported that to deliver visitors to the festival organizers hired 200 buses of 55 seats. As it turned out, this was not enough to quickly take all visitors. Already about one in the morning the buses started to form long queues that instantly turned into a stampede after near burned tree. The cause of the fire is not yet established. In social networks people suggested that the fire started because of fireworks, but firefighters have not confirmed this version. Whatever it was, it is reported that before the end of the festival for security purposes, the fireworks will not run.

Fire caused by the fireworks at ultra! And to top it off walk over a mile across the bridge smh @ultra #ultra

— DonutCare (@aciremabc) March 30, 2019

The organizers have learned from the situation and improved logistics: in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the buses started picking up people before, so like the hustle and the many pedestrians on the road was gone.

Concert goers leaving at 1am outside the Ultra Music Festival on Virginia Key, March 31,2019. Concert organizers say they staged buses earlier to minimize pedestrian problems that caused a roadway closure the previous night.

(Key News/Tony Winton)#Ultra2019

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) March 31, 2019

Ultra Music Festival is held annually in Miami since 1999. During this time, he has 5 times had to change its location. So, started the festival in Collins Park on Miami beach, but in 2001 moved to a larger place in Bayfront Park. From 2006 to 2011 he was held in Bicentennial Park, and in 2012–2018годах in Bayfront Park, in the same year the festival moved to the island of Virginia Key.

Disastrous first night of the Ultra Music Festival 2019 many recalled the scandalous Fyre Festival, organized by the enterprising Billy Mcfarland in 2017. Fyre Festival proved so disastrous that Netflix and Hulu almost simultaneously removed about it a documentary film, and presented them to the audience in January 2019.

In 2017 Mcfarland rented your luxury festival a small island in the Bahamas, which was once owned by the notorious Pablo Escobar. Young people attracted to the is the famous top-models and started to sell tickets to everyone, but much too far with this: tickets were sold so much that all the people could not be accommodated on the booked island. Besides young people in their advertising began to mention the name of the drug Lord that did not like the landlords, and they ripped him a lease of the island.

McFarland was not upset and began to look for another location. And quickly found. That’s just a new place radically different from the previous ones: there was no infrastructure, no promised beach houses, or even normal sand. In General, the landscape is in no place did not meet advertised loud-festival Fyre. The end story is that the FBI conducted an investigation of Mcfarland, was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 6 years in prison.