An accident or a suicide? The NYPD have identified the cause of death of women in the subway

New York police report that Monday morning rush hour on one of the subway stations a train hit and ran over the woman.

The tragic incident happened around 8:15 am at the metro station 59th Str. in Brooklyn (new York).

First, the authorities announced that a woman age 30-40 years dropped your cell phone on the way. Supposedly, to save your gadget, it died from the shock of the train. However, after some time the transport company Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) said that it was a suicide.

The circumstances of the incident remain unclear at present, so the question of why the woman was on the tracks, the police will be able to answer only after more detailed investigation and study video from surveillance cameras.

Because of the accident on the lines of N, D and R have been delays and changes in schedules of trains. Regular service has resumed in both directions for hours, but the train for some time avoided a stop at the 59th street until the NYPD has not completed its investigation.

N and R trains have resumed full service and are now making station stops at 59 St (Brooklyn) after the NYPD completed their investigation. Continue to expect delays in D, N and R service as we get trains back on schedule.

— NYCT Subway (@NYCTSubway) April 1, 2019