Police are looking for the driver of the sedan, cripple child playing in the yard

Police are looking for the driver who is at full speed shot down were playing in the yard of his house 9-year-old girl in LITHONIA, Georgia, near Atlanta. The child has serious injuries, including numerous fractures.

God is so great. There is no explanation on how my client is alive. I sat with her and can’t believe my eyes and though her road to health will be long, she’s alive. #miracle
Please turn yourself in to the teens who ran.https://t.co/211HxIGReU pic.twitter.com/9WEBUBh1jD

— Chris L. Stewart Esq (@chrisstewartesq) April 1, 2019

Laurianna Holmes was playing with another girl near her house when the car (a black sedan) suddenly jumped from the street to the curb, then into the yard and crashed into her, and then to the wall of the house. The driver got out through the door on the passenger side, when family members rushed to help the young woman. Video street surveillance cameras showed that he reeled a little before he left on foot, leaving the car. County police Department DeKalb «close to making an arrest,» — said on Monday afternoon, mayor Jerry Lewis Jr. The owner of the car said she was at work during the accident and gave the car to my boyfriend.

Girl, 9, hit by car while playing in her yard in DeKalb County; driver at large https://t.co/8ukjH26sEu pic.twitter.com/lqlNwK3m0Y

— AJC (@ajc) April 1, 2019

«It’s hard, but I have to be strong for her,» said Sunday ABC News mother Laurianne, Charlotte Bolton. «I just want everyone to pray for Lamericano. The community loves her, she loves her school, her friends love her, and I just want the culprits have been caught».

Bolton appealed to the culprit of what happened: «you know what You did. You almost killed my child and you’re not even trying to help my daughter». The family’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, said that after the accident, neighbors saw fleeing from the scene of two teenagers.

«It was teenagers who were in the car, so we have to find out what happened and how they got the car,» said Stewart. He said it was a miracle that the young victim survived this heavy blow.

Got my lil miracle baby to smile 😬 She did so great today in ICU and during her mental testing! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #LaDerihannaHolmes #miracleshappen pic.twitter.com/Fng1JDxxs9

— Chris L. Stewart Esq (@chrisstewartesq) April 1, 2019

«If you don’t believe in miracles, you must believe now,» said Stewart. «The video really hard to watch, but she somehow survived.»

LaDerihanna Holmes: Police are searching for a driver who plowed into a 9-year-old girl in her front yard https://t.co/eRMhaIavgA pic.twitter.com/JOivNPBCfp

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The family of a young girl said that she received several injuries, including multiple fractures of the skull and pelvis, but they are confident that she will recover. «She’s strong, and I know she will recover from this,’ said her mother, but it will take some time.»