15-year-old missing girl was found in another state with a 47-year-old man – friend of the family, with whom she had a secret affair

15-year-old Damiana Spell from Louisianawho disappeared a week ago, was found with 47-year-old family friend in the state of Colorado – a thousand miles from where she was last seen.

According to police, most likely, the girl herself ran away with a man with whom she had a secret affair.

Damiano Spell found along with 47-year-old Corey Desotelle in Pagosa springs, Colorado, in 1165 miles from Louisiana. Damiana lost a little more than a week ago. The last time she was seen on March 28, emerging from a school bus near educational institutions in Port Barrels.

According to elder sister’s girls, Jerry, Damiana, apparently, did not go to school, and got in the car with Donatella and left.

It’s highly believed my sister domeanna and Shane are located some where in Mississippi area. They are unable to pin…

Posted by Tracee Cormier on Friday, March 29, 2019

«I think he’s just brainwashed her and convinced that they have crazy love, that she would be safe with him. He is a manipulator, it is clear,» said KATC channel Jerry.

According to the girl, Disotell was a friend of parents of Damiani. Every weekend he gave the girl money, so she «looked out» for his little granddaughter. As it turned out, Dolanna not baby-sat.

«He even told my parents that Damiano in love with and wants to marry her,» added Jerry.

The parents of Damiani told man to stay away from their daughter and forbade her to see him, but they continued to meet secretly.

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«The neighbors saw that he climbed into the bedroom of Damiani through the window, told my parents, and the parents called the police,» — said the sister of Damiani.

Then the man was not arrested, and he in all probability decided to go with a girl.

It is known that Disotell divorced, he has adult children. The issue of charges against him of kidnapping and corruption of minors.