The Uber driver dropped off passengers at the airport, and then returned to their house and tried to get inside

Police in San MATEO (CA) arrested the Uber driver who drove passengers to the airport, and then drove back to their house and tried to Rob him.

Thursday, April 4, the driver of Jackie Wilson landed a couple at the international airport in San Francisco. After that the man returned to the house, where he took passengers, and tried to Rob him. Law enforcement agencies reported that passengers rented a house through Airbnb.

As seen in the video from the camera in a doorbell, a man comes to the door, and then quickly removed. According to police, the house burglar alarm, so the driver went to another building located a few blocks away and robbed him.

Scott and Khan live in a house that Wilson had managed to plunder. On videotapes of the doorbell, you can see a suspect for four hours makes all the valuables from their home.

«All the drawers were opened, and every piece of furniture was moved. He opened my safe,» said Scott.

And Hannah says that she had many valuable things that remained from my grandmother.

«They were my grandmother’s and go back to the Holocaust, so this is something that you can just lay and for me the memory of my grandmother,» said Hannah.

San Mateo Police Department identified and arrested an Uber driver when residential security cameras captured him…

Posted by San Mateo Police Department on Monday, April 8, 2019

Police used information from the Uber application to track down Wilson, who lives in Rancho Cordova (CA) near Sacramento and arrested him the next day after the robbery.