Florida police arrested a drunken man after he ate «properly»

Last Sunday some visitors leaving the restaurant the Olive Garden in Naples (Florida), was forced to watch absolutely unappetizing scene — by standing next to a bench half-naked drunk man ate spaghetti with his hands.

According to the police report, at about 15:30 the waiters of the restaurant Olive Garden reported to law enforcement on a drunken bully, staged only that they have a hard-hitting scandal.

Patrol arrived on the scene, found on a bench outside the restaurant a man without a shirt who was eating spaghetti, pushing them into his mouth with his hands. Police found that 32-year-old bully, which came a strong smell of alcohol, his name is Ben Padgett.

Ronald Worst that called the police the employee of Olive Garden, said that Padgett first loitering outside, then entered the restaurant and made it drunk scene. He yelled at Worst, she said she could beat him. Disturbed the visitors with a request to give him money, and in case of failure sprinkled their curses.

Speaking with police, the man continued «to mutter obscenities» and was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct. However, before you cuff him, the cops gave him a paper towel to wipe the hands and face. However the bully didn’t calm down.

It is reported that while in the police car, the man began to injure himself. According to the police testimony, Padgett began to bend his whole body, hitting yourself on the head with the feet and beating his head against the metal wall, causing his forehead formed a deep gash and was bleeding.

Drunk Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating spaghetti with his hands https://t.co/CudWnyP8kS pic.twitter.com/UjQMOp0lYi

— Florida Man (@FloridaMan__) April 12, 2019

32-year-old man was taken first to a local hospital where his wound was treated by physicians, and then transferred to the Naples Jail Center. He was additionally charged with resisting an officer without violence and was released on bail of $2000.