In new York, 12-year-old boy shot himself in the head of illegal weapons

12-year-old boy from Yonkers (new York) is in serious condition after he accidentally shot himself in the head with an illegal firearm, which was loaded.

The incident occurred yesterday, April 14, in the apartment at Nepperhan Avenue.

Call about this case was received at the 911 at 23:56. Arriving ambulance found the boy, who was lying on the bedroom floor and bleeding.

The child was taken to a local hospital where he is still in serious condition. Doctors doubt he will survive. According to the medical examination, the boy received a gunshot wound to the right temple.

The investigation revealed that the victim was at home with a neighbor’s child who was in the other room. At some point the boy found a loaded gun and pulled the trigger twice. One bullet hit the window, and the other to his head.

Police said that at the scene they found illegal loaded handgun 25 caliber. Now investigators find out how the weapon turned out to be a child. The name of the injured boy was not disclosed.

«The government of Yonkers and the police Department of the city saddened by this tragic event and remind residents that all firearms must be kept out of reach of children», — reads the statement of the militiamen.

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