An employee of a kindergarten in Brooklyn arrested after the video where she kicks 2-year-old child

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old Valeria Buonadonna, who worked at the Brooklyn kindergarten Znayka located near Avenue U, was arrested after the video where she kicks 2-year-old child who refused to sleep.

According to police, the video shows how Valery lifts the boy off the chair on which he sat, thrown on the ground and hits him on the leg.

The child’s mother, who asked journalists not to be named, said that the aggression on the part of the employee of the kindergarten was due to the reluctance of the baby to go to sleep.

«I was so mad that I couldn’t help myself,’ said the mother. — From time to time all I hear about such accidents, but I never thought that this could happen to my child.»

According to mother, now she is forced to go to the doctor because his leg the boy had visible injuries and bruises.

Exclusive video: Woman seen kicking child at Brooklyn day care, police say

— PIX11 News (@PIX11News) April 10, 2019

In connection with this incident, Buonadonna was charged with assault.

The boy’s mother says he was pleased with the results of the investigation, but it disturbs the behavior of people working in Znayka.

«When I got there, there was nothing to tell,— the woman added. — They did not even apologize».

Staff Znayka refused from communication with journalists PIX11 on Wednesday morning came to him with a request to comment on the situation.

According to official data, the kindergarten have a valid license. Last time Znayka was tested in August 2018, then no violations identified.