In San Diego the shooting occurred in the synagogue. There are wounded. One man arrested

In California, County of San Diego about 11: 30 shooting occurred in the synagogue of the Chabad POWAY (Chabad of Poway ) in Powai. County Sheriff San Diego reported that there are wounded, they are taken to hospital. He said one person arrested.

Local media reported at least four injured — they are now at the Medical center, Palomar, and the detainee is male.

Update#2 Those wounded in the Chabad of Poway #synagogueshooting were taken to Palomar Medical Center @PalomarHealth. Please respect the medical privacy of victims & their families during this difficult time. Remain clear of the area as this investigation will take several hours

— San Diego Sheriff (@SDSheriff) April 27, 2019

Other details of incident yet, stay tuned. County Sheriff Nisleit alerted the media that will deliver the latest information in an hour, and yet were asked not to foment panic and appealed to residents with a request to avoid a visit to the area of the incident.