Young man playing naked basketball on the street in Florida and was arrested

In Florida arrested a young man, played on the Playground naked basketball. He claims that this form of clothing allows him to more fully use their skills and achieve greater success.

About 7:36 p.m. to the police Department, Longwood (Seminole County) received a phone call that at candy Land Park on 299 Longdale Avenue observed a naked white male. When the police arrived at the scene, saw a 29-year-old Jordan Glen Anderson in the Nude was playing basketball on the Playground.

Responding officers say they found Jordan Anderson naked and playing basketball on the Park’s court. When asked what he was doing, police say Anderson told them he was working on his basketball skills.

— FOX44 Baton Rouge (@wgmbfox44) May 14, 2019

When officers approached Anderson and asked what he was doing, he, as stated in the arrest report, said, «working on his basketball skills, and he feels that playing in the Nude increases its skill level». The officer told Anderson to get dressed and he obeyed. Police contacted a Park employee at the scene who said he contacted police when he saw Anderson in the Nude, playing basketball around the room.

Then Anderson was charged with indecent exposure and demonstration of the sexual organs and taken to a correctional institution in Stanford, Florida. Authorities do not specify, was whether the person was under the influence of any psychoactive substances.

The city of Longwood, as noted by the Orlando Sentinel, in recent years, is a leader in Seminole County in terms of crime — crime is 31 per thousand inhabitants is significantly higher than the average for the district and for the U.S. as a whole. About 71% of the cities and towns of all sizes in Florida have crime rates lower than in Longwood, whose approximately 15, 000 hold a doubtful superiority in violent and property crimes.

Young man playing naked basketball on the street in Florida and was Shannon/CC