School cafeteria employee was fired after she free fed a hungry child

The kindness of the employee cafeteria in new Hampshire could lead to her dismissal.

Bonnie Kimball was dismissed on March 28, his employer, the company Cafe Services, who supply food to school Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan. The woman worked at the school for 5 years, but fired her the next day after she fed the child, who was not paid for the lunch.

In the work women were control payments for Lunches of students. In addition, the day she was preparing the Sunday and smoothies for 326 students. Kimball says: «We don’t even call it work. We woke up in the morning, helped to gather family and then went to take care of the children.»

Students and staff are rallying behind a Mascoma Valley Regional High School lunch lady fired for allowing a boy to run up an $8 lunch debt rather than go an hungy. Bonnie Kimball thought she was doing the right thing and the parent did eventually pay.

— (@UnionLeader) May 15, 2019

Bonnie explains that on March 28, came to the school regional Manager because the contract Cafe Services with the school was over. Therefore, Kimball said, «don’t make no scene.» Following this decree, when it was found that on account for lunch one of the students did not have money, Bonnie quietly said to him «Tell mom that you need to make money» and released the child.

She adds that the regional Manager asked, what is the boy on the plate and left, and the next day she was called into the office and fired.

The representative of Cafe Services said that the company «would never give employees instructions not to feed students or members of staff». Jamie Matheson, Director of HR, added: «While we cannot discuss the confidential details concerning the recruitment or dismissal of employees, we can say that there are certain rules. When employees do not follow these rules, we take appropriate action, including dismissal».

However, Kimball showed a Valley News letter, dated April 9, which is probably helping her case. The letter says: «the Twenty-eighth of March, the regional Manager was in school and saw the student passed with different products, for which You did not take money from him. This is a strict violation of our procedures, school rules and Federal regulations in regard to free lunch.»

Whatever the reason, the dismissal of Kimball has upset her colleagues, some of whom resigned in protest.

Parents of students also said that upset leaving Kimball and demanded that it again took the job. Christine Moody, whose sons attend the school, said: «These people really care about our children. I know Bonnie loved our children.»

Local school district voted in favor of the continued use of company services Cafe Services for another year, despite disagreements with Kimball. «The people working in the school cafeteria – the staff of Cafe Services, Cafe Services, and only makes decisions in relation to their staff,» they said. «The policy of the school district is to ensure every child a healthy and nutritious Lunches regardless, does he have enough money to pay for lunch.»

Kimball emphasized that the school district in its dismissal of it wasn’t.

The incident occurred on the background of how schools across the country are trying to address issues with students who are unable to pay for lunch. Many have begun to offer children alternative dining options, but even this approach does not always work. For example, after a series of angry posts in Facebook school district in Rhode island was forced to abandon the idea is not to feed children with hot meals if they are unable to pay for them.