In the trash found a live kitten, which «bricked» in spray foam and threw

This kitten may be a few weeks, but he has already spent one of his seven lives.

May 3 near Hillsboro (Oregon), workers garbage was emptied the tank, but suddenly noticed that some content left inside. Looking, he saw the kitten hanging upside down, his face was completely covered with spray foam.

«The driver knew that the cat was still alive because he heard him meow,» reads the statement of the Sheriff’s office Washington County.

The employee took the container to the factory for waste disposal in Hillsboro, where he along with his colleagues pulled a kitten from a spray foam. Then the animal was taken to the vet. According to the medical examination, the kitten at that time was about 8 weeks.

The animal is now recovering at Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter.

In the trash found a live kitten, which «bricked» in spray foam and threwKitten «flooded» with spray foam

Dr. Diane Healy of Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic helped treat the pet.

«He looked like something out of a horror show on Halloween, recalls Healy. — It is obvious that he was not there for very long, otherwise he would have suffocated… the head was covered, his face was closed, feet were trapped he could not move.»

According to investigators, the trash is in the property, which is used by two homes and several outbuildings. Police believe that the kitten was born to one of the two cats living in this area.

«As people come and go from the object, it is unclear who can be held responsible for this act of animal cruelty,» according to police.

Law enforcement officers found a jar with spray foam and check for the presence of fingerprints.

The kitten will be returned to the owners after the completion of the investigation. Anyone who has information about this case is asked to contact the Sheriff’s office Washington County phone 503-846-2700.