Millionaire faces jail for intimacy with a 15-year-old girl in the plane he put on autopilot

Millionaire from new Jersey can go to jail, admitting guilt in intimate contact with 15-year-old girl at the time, when he put his private plane on autopilot.

In December 2018 Stephen Bradley Mel (53) of Bedminster, new Jersey pleaded guilty to that organized flight in order to engage in forbidden relations with a minor, and to obtain child pornography. The sentence should be pronounced on Tuesday.

According to court records obtained Bridgewater Courier News, the girl’s mother turned to Mello, the father of 3 children and owner of a brokerage firm, with a request to give her some lessons on piloting the plane. At Mella, who founded his own charity organization Lifeline Air that has flown through the air of sick children anywhere in the United States for treatment, was a landing pad for the helicopter on site. In addition, he owned several aircraft. He received a pilot’s license at age 16.

In court submissions noted that Mel began communicating with the girl, whose name was not called in 2017 via SMS and Snapchat. Their relationship grew into something more when Mel, who at that time was 51 years old, began to ask the teenager questions of an intimate nature. In June 2017, their communication has gone so far that in July, the man got the girl emergency contraceptive (view postquitmessage contraceptives).

The twentieth of July, 2017 Mel with the girl went on his plane from new Jersey to Cape cod «with the purpose of the wrongful conduct, or rather, sexual contact with a person under the age of 18». During the return flight, he allegedly put the plane on autopilot so that you can engage in physical intimacy with a girl.

In addition, Mel begged the girl to send him his photo in the Nude and did her pictures. In September 2017, the millionaire asked the teenager to start using intrauterine contraceptive.

Millionaire dad-of-three facing jail for having sex with 15-year-old girl on his private plane while flying in autopilot mode

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Mel, whose wife filed for divorce, at the moment is on the loose as made a Deposit in the amount of $1 million as a guarantee for his mom pointed out their home in South Carolina. The man took the license to operate the aircraft and demanded to be at a distance of 1000 feet from home and work girls. In addition, he is forbidden to use a computer and sometimes have to pass a polygraph test.

On Tuesday, Mella could be sentenced to 5 years in Federal prison and 5 years of release under supervision on charges, which he pleaded guilty in December 2018.

In addition, he pleaded guilty to that endangered the welfare of a child, entering into a relationship with a girl under the age of 16. A decision on this charge will be taken on July 12, the man also threatened a few years in state prison.