Retirement of colleagues with champagne turned to the administering school district suspension from work

The administering school district in Michigan, which filed the champagne for brunch in honor of the 2 pre-retirement colleagues, was suspended from work for 5 days.

Last June the management school district Dearborn heights Jennifer mast brought a bottle of wine to drink it with about 12 colleagues during the retirement of the school Director and Director of special education program. Despite the fact that was the first day of summer, and teachers and students in the building was not, Jennifer mast decided to punish.

«It was completely innocent,» mast told the Detroit Free Press, adding that they only had half of the bottle. But the school district disagreed, hiring lawyers that they have engaged in this incident. They stated that Jennifer mast broke the ban on alcohol on school grounds, including the office of the school Board. President of the school Board, Louisiana, Diroff refused to disclose details of the case, noting that it was a personnel issue.

Mast, who admitted that he had brought champagne, said that he expected to be punished, but were surprised by the severity of the punishment.

The girl remembered that the former Trustee school district, which punished for the fact that he approved the contract, which cost the district thousands of dollars, was suspended for 3 days.

Mast said that was shocked when she learned that her waiting. «I never thought I’d be suspended 5 days without pay. I could never imagine that I will take away the keys to be taken out of the building and will not allow the use of electronic mail, voice mail and so forth.»

The mast, which is raising 3 children, said that now afraid of losing their jobs and worried about his contract for 3 years. «After 3 months will assess my work, so I’m a little nervous,» she confessed.