A thief stole a vital chemotherapy drugs right at the doorstep of a sick brain cancer patient

Unknown people had stolen the medications for the chemotherapy right at the doorstep of a resident of Oklahoma for only a few moments after they were taken. As a result, the treatment of the man suffering from brain cancer, will be postponed.

James mills (43) said that they planned to begin to take your course of chemotherapy on Monday. But now the treatment will have to delay, after the suspect in the hoodie took a vital package from his doorstep on Sunday.

Mills told KFOR: «I went to the door and saw the package. I called back the delivery service, and I confirmed that the drugs brought. I saw video from surveillance cameras and saw the UPS driver brought a package, then 8 minutes later another man approached the porch, grabbed her and left.»

The video shows that the suspect took steps to conceal his identity. In particular, he held his head all the way down and tried not to get into the field of view of 2 cameras installed on the porch of mills.

Thief steals chemotherapy is medication from patient’s porch: A brazen thief stole chemotherapy is medication from an Oklahoma City man’s doorstep just minutes after it was delivered, delaying his treatment for brain cancer. James Mills, 43, said his planned… https://t.co/QAmtVtIEr5 pic.twitter.com/POHPAX57BK

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James added: «on Monday I had to start chemotherapy. On drug delivery will take at least a day. So at the moment that bothers me the most. All you need to take at a certain time, in certain doses… hope I can get a replacement before much behind schedule».

Heather, wife of James, admitted that she is furious because of what the state had plunged the theft of her husband. «It is not easy to obtain. That is, from the very beginning was hard to get medications. Need to call the pharmacy again to undergo the entire procedure with your doctor to get permission and so on, so that’s frustrating in itself. Now we have to go through it all again, just to get a replacement. It really makes me angry».

Mills said that the pharmacy is closed on weekends, so he had no other choice but to wait for her to open on Monday morning. He added: «besides, this is a rather expensive medicine.»

Another #porchpirate caught on camera. The sad thing is this thief didn’t take electronics or clothes, he took an Oklahoma City man’s chemotherapy is medication. He was supposed to start a new round of chemo for his clinical trial tomorrow. @kfor pic.twitter.com/Ik1Gr5Qwg9

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James reported it stolen to the police of Oklahoma and told the investigators that the drugs without the help of insurance worth $30 thousand

The police reported that on Monday afternoon the arrests have not been conducted.