In a flooded car on the road in Missouri were found the bodies of the missing couple, the death toll due to storms and floods has reached 9 people

On Friday, may 24, about 4 in the morning on the flooded roadwhich runs along the river in Portage de Sioux (County of St. Charles, Missouri), was discovered in the car. In this patrol found the bodies of the missing may 13, a pair of 20 – year-old John Reinhardt and 19-year-old Kathleen Rengel, both of Hazelwood (mo).

HEARTBREAKING PHOTOS:Bodies of a missing couple are found in their submerged car on a road in Missouri as death toll from storms hits and nine region braces for MORE flooding over the Memorial Day weekend

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The employee of traffic police of Dallas Thompson announced the cause of death, the autopsy showed that they drowned. «We believe they went to her [on the road] in the dark, not knowing that the roadway was flooded, and they couldn’t get out,» said Thompson.

Thus, due to hit Central US storms have already killed 9 people.

On Friday it became known about 3 dead near the Township of Golden city (Barton County): the state government announced that the bodies of 86-year-old Kenneth Harris and his 83-year-old wife Opal were found 600 feet from their home.

Also, West of Golden city, a hurricane struck the small house on wheels the other pair: the wife, 56-year-old Betty Berg, died, her husband, 56-year-old mark Berg was taken with serious injuries to a hospital in Joplin.

Earlier this week storms in this part of the USA caused the death of 2 people in Missouri, 1 person in Oklahoma and 1 in Iowa.

Heavy rainsthat hit the region provoked the strongest floods in several States.

On Friday authorities said that floods along the Arkansas river will threaten communities from the Tulsa (Oklahoma) to the West of Arkansas, at least the holiday weekend, when America will celebrate memorial Day. The rise of water contributes to not only be foreseeable at the weekend for more rain, but the water discharge from the dam in Oklahoma. To control flooding in Tulsa, corps of engineers, U.S. army on Friday started increasing the amount of water discharged into the river from the keystone dam to the North-West of the city.

«The dam does what it is supposed to do. Thanks to her, we held the flood at manageable levels,» said the Senator from Oklahoma, James Lankford after his air travel over the area.

It is reported that on Friday the water level in the Arkansas river in the city was slightly above 22 feet, 4 feet above the level of flooding, and is expected to remain at this level till Tuesday. Residents of the coastal strip are strongly encouraged to leave their homes.

#Arkansas River at Dardanelles. Yesterday, left, and today at right.

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«The most disturbing thing I heard in the last 24 hours of our first responders, about parents who allow their children to play in the river,» said Tulsa mayor George Bynum. «If you are the parent that allows their child to play in this river right now, you should be ashamed».

Authorities in Arkansas have already prepared for record flooding. On Friday, Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced state of emergency, he has ordered the National guard of the state until Saturday to place in the Western part of the state rescue teams, and the corps of engineers has issued a warning for local residents not to approach the river for the holiday weekend.

«We hope that people are now turning to safer areas,» said Aric Mitchell of the police Department in Fort Smith (Arkansas).

The water level in the Arkansas river is expected to reach 41 feet by Sunday near the Fort Smith- it will be almost 20 feet above flood level and 3 feet above the record set in 1945, Then the water level in the river stood at 38.1 feet.

Flooding on the Arkansas River will exceed the record of 38.1 feet at Van Buren & Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Current projections are for a crest of 41 feet.

This is how Fort Smith looked in the 38ft 1943 flood.

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The national weather service warned that in the coming days in the Central U.S. is expected «flash flood».