14-year-old Prodigy became the youngest student in the history of Spelman College

14-year-old Sidney Wilson of Georgia this fall will begin his studies at Spelman College, becoming the youngest student in the history of the institution.

The girl is already doing algebra when she was in first class, and for 10 years she attended the classes of the senior classes at the Wilson Academy, a private school in Lawncrest, founded by her father.

A few months ago, she has applied to Spelman College is a private, women’s liberal arts College in Atlanta (GA). This school, which has historically been considered a College and a University # 1 for African Americans, was the first and only choice for Sydney with 8 years.

«I then visited the College, and the women around me seemed so independent and strong. It really inspired me — says the girl. Now I’m very excited… This is something radically new for me, but the girls from Spelman were very sweet and welcoming.»

Posted by The Wilson Academy on Saturday, May 11, 2019

Sidney worked hard to achieve such results. She took on the role of lead programmer in a team of robotics Academy Wilson, became President of the rotary club a few weeks before graduation and played football for the national club team. She was even the school mascot, Wakka the War Elephant.

May 18 Sidney graduated from high school with honors — just three days after she turned 14 years old. The girl said that after beginning her studies at Spelman College, she plans to live on campus as other students, so she’s not worried about the age difference.

«I was surrounded by older kids all my life, so socially I don’t think it will be a problem for me» — says Sidney.

Spelman College is a private institution that was founded in 1881 as female Baptist Seminary in Atlanta. In 1924, the College received its present name. It is the oldest INSTITUTION of higher learning for women in the country designed specifically for training African-American population (HBCU).