Two-year-old struck a pregnant mother in the electric crossover Tesla, after which she went into premature labor

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Tesla claiming that her 2-year-old son climbed into her new car the model X and ran it, with the result that she went into premature labor.

Mallory Harcourt (31) filed a lawsuit in Alameda County in California after the incident, which occurred at her home in Santa Barbara in December. The lawsuit stated that the Tesla cars must be safety measures to a small child it was difficult to drive. But Tesla said that the blame for the incident, the woman’s son, and insist that accidentally hit the gas pedal in any car, not only in Model X.

As described in the claim 3 days later after the family purchased a Model X because of its performance security, in their garage was a frightening incident. Harcourt argues that she parked her car and got out to put buy and to help 2-year-old son to get out of his car seat. She left the door open, taking out the son and of the products, planning to return to the garage to finish to lay out the purchase. However, when she climbed the stairs to enter the house, her child turned around, ran back to the car and quickly climbed in the front seat.

The woman went after my son and I went in front of the machine, when she suddenly pulled away. The car is literally nailed to the wall Mallory. «I was trapped and had to shout to make someone hear me and help,» said the woman.

When the boy saw that mother was hurt, started to cry, sitting in the driver’s seat. The child was injured in the incident and he also needed professional help.

Harcourt, who was in her 8th month of pregnancy, was immediately taken to the hospital the neighbors came to her aid. She had a broken leg and multiple fractures of the pelvis. But despite the trauma of the pelvis, she had to go through premature birth.

The company Tesla said the woman’s lawyer that they checked the sensor readings from the scene of the incident and noted that the machine is operated in accordance with the instructions of the operator. «And these orders came from the small of Your client’s son,» wrote representatives of the company in a letter to the lawyer of the woman, which they published online.

In turn, the lawyer of Gokal Alison said: «the Answer is Tesla is outrageous. Mother, son and nerozhdennyh the child could die. My clients are horrified by the thought that this could happen to another family and want the Tesla, prevented the recurrence of this tragedy.» The lawsuit said that the absence of the ignition switch or similar steps to start the car, Tesla makes managing a small child is too simple.

The ignition switch in the car. But that Model X was able to speed up the movement when the machine is in the garage, the driver needs to use the key, press the brake pedal, and then put the gear with the Parking in motion.

In his letter of Local representatives of Tesla, said: «We are sorry that this incident took place, but we did not find other examples of repetition of similar acts: the child, which is not looked after, manages to successfully put the car in gear and then depress the accelerator pedal, and we do not believe that it is possible to predict».

As stated in the company, Tesla is studying the performance of sensors when drivers say their car suddenly accelerated, and in each case it appeared that the machine worked as it was intended. They emphasize that accidental pressing of the accelerator pedal could happen in any car, not just Tesla.

But Harcourt believes that her family made the mistake of buying a Model X. «We studied the market and were delighted to find the safest car for our growing family, but now we know it’s a nightmare,» she said.