Authorities in the Dominican Republic have described the connection between the mysterious deaths 8 Americans, «fake news»

Despite the fact that on Monday it became known about the death of the eighth American tourist at resort in Dominican Republic, the government continues to deny the existence of a connection between the incidents. On Wednesday, the representative of the Ministry of health of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Suero, made a new statement calling the media reports about the incident «fake news» and assuring that all the deaths occurred from natural causes.

According to Suero, «food, alcohol and the air [on the island] — in order», and assumptions of the American authorities and editions no more than the usual «hysteria».

«All this is just an attempt to damage our tourism industry. he informed Fox News In this sector is huge competition and we popular and is visited by millions of tourists. That is why the country and took in the sights».

According to sources, currently, the FBI checks the contents of mini-bars in Bahia Principe, where he died 4 Americans to find out was not whether the cause of death of counterfeit alcohol, however, Suero categorically denies this possibility.

«All test results were negative. — he claims — the Food, the air and alcohol in order. <…>Considering how many tourists come each year, we work hard to match international quality standards».

A similar statement was made by the Minister of health, Rafael Sanchez Cardenas, who called the reports of American experts «ploy», «targeting tourism [in Dominican Republic]».

«People die all the time. — he said — unfortunately for us, these people died in the Dominican Republic. Last year here he died on 14 Americans, but nobody paid attention, and now just talking about it. I got sick during a visit to the United States, but fortunately soon returned to the Dominican Republic. Die I before departure, should be blame for what happened in the US? I think not.»

4 of the victims stayed in two different hotels Bahia Principe (La Romana, Bouganville), 2 — Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, 1 — at Terra Linda Resort and 1 — at Excellence Punta Cana. In many cases, the circumstances of the death match: the bodies of the tourists, not previously complained of health, was found on the floor in private rooms, and shortly before his death, they tried the local drinks from the Minibar. After the autopsy the authorities generally reported that Americans died either from the attack or from pulmonary edema and respiratory failure.