Employee at Chick-Fil-A heroically jumped out of the window of the diner to save choking child

Recently Logan Simmons of flowery branch Bay Branch (GA) witnessed a terrible spectacle. In the eyes of a teenager working the evening shift at a local Chick-Fil-A in the car one of the clients started to choke 6-year-old child — after ‘ round his neck wrapped a seat belt. Without thinking, he rushed the boy to help.

Security cameras caught the guy a few seconds jumps out of the window of the diner and ran up to the car.

When they reached the car, Logan jumped inside, pulled out a pocket knife and cut the strap — after freeing the child, whose face was beginning to blush. Now the boy is in order: thanks to the impeccable response of Simmons, he has not received serious damages.

The child’s mother personally called Logan to thank for for helping.

«I’m just glad everything is in order. — Simmons says — as soon As I realized what was happening, you could think about how to quickly get to the car and jumped out of the window».

«Honestly, I still can’t quite believe that all this happened,» he adds.

After his heroic deed became known, he became a real hero for the residents of flowery branch Bay Branch and especially for his mother, Teri.

«Surprisingly, that [Logan] did not panic. — says the woman — I would have to place exactly confused: ran from side to side, not knowing what to do.»