Parents kept a dirty child in a hot, insect-infested machine until they bought and used drugs

A couple was arrested after police found that they left their 2-year-old daughter in a car without air conditioning on a day when the temperature reached 40 degrees.

According to WESH, 28-year-old Christine Wilson and 30-year-old David Dexter from Florida – the girl’s parents. The girl was taken from parental custody and gave it to a relative, which at the moment is already taking care of 2 other children related to the couple.

The incident occurred June 25, when the officer of the police Department Delenda noticed a parked car on the edge of Park with the engine off. Seeing the inside of 2 adults and a child, the officer spent some time watching them, and then approached, according to WESH. «He found out that inside the machine there is a child whereas the adults take drugs»,- said the representative of the police Department Chris Graham.

It is reported that the car had a lot of dirty diapers, soiled clothing, open packages from the food, and many insects, reports the Miami Herald. In addition, officers allegedly found a plastic straw with white powder, green fabric harness and empty packaging from under the needles.

Also in the car was of a bottle cap, which is sometimes administered drugs, white substance, and a needle with a clear liquid. The needle was near the baby’s legs. According to the report, the child was in open shoes and could easily step on a syringe, moving the car.

According to a press release police Department found the substance tested for drugs. Dexter told the police that it was dilaudid (a derivative of morphine), and that he and Wilson bought the drugs while the car was a child. He added that Wilson had injected a drug in the presence of girls. He allegedly did not use drugs.

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Officers also noticed several scratches on the child and the open wound on her neck, which was beginning to attract some insects. When the police asked the couple about the wound on his neck that Dexter said that the girl was faced with someone with a lit cigarette, as they walked through the city center.

The girl was also wearing a dirty diaper, which hung down almost to her knees.

A couple was arrested and each was charged with improper handling of a child, possession of drugs and possession of utensils for drug use. The Deposit for each designated in the amount of $5500. They are in jail Volusia County Branch Jail.