9-year-old girl was electrocuted from a faulty lamp, when she swam in the pool

9-year-old girl from California died from electric shock while swimming in the family pool.

According to representatives of the firefighting and rescue service Sacramento (California), recently 9-year-old Mackenzie Kinley, was electrocuted from wires in a faulty underwater light in the pool.

«As we have explained, she touched the lamp of the pool, and he hit her with electric current,» said the girl’s father, cliff Kenley, in an interview with CBS Sacramento.

During the tragedy in the pool had four children, including a younger sister Mackenzie and their three friends, but they were not injured.

9-year-old girl was electrocuted from a faulty lamp, when she swam in the poolPhoto: GoFundMe

Family and friends described the fifth-grader how kind and sociable the «razor» who loved soccer and other active games.

«Swimming, fishing, Hiking in the camp made her happy,» said her father.

The other girls, 12-year-old Aaron Hernandez, added that she could make friends with anyone.

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«Despite any differences. She always found a way to make friends,» said the boy.

The girl’s family said they told the media about the incident, to tell others about the dangers of electrical shock in the pool.

«My daughter did not return, but it could save the lives of others,» said Mackenzie’s mother, Lisa Kinley.

Deon Nesson, electrician at All Clear Pool and Spa Supply explained that the first sign of any problems with the electricity in the pool will be a slight tingling when touching the water.

«Then immediately turn off all power. If you have a pool built before 1981 and you don’t know its status, you need to get someone checked out all the electricity, including the pumps of the pool,» said Nesson in an interview on WNEP.