Russian celebrities joined in to attack users of Instagram to Lady Gaga, who allegedly stole Cooper from the Shake

The Russians attacked the page of the singer Lady Gaga in Instagram, demanding to «return» to actor Bradley Cooper with Russian model Irina Shayk.

About the breakup of Hollywood couple became known in early June. Even before this news there were rumors that the marriage Shake and Cooper is bursting at the seams because of the affair of the actor with his colleague on the film «a Star is born» Lady Gaga. Shortly after the separation of the spouses, the media has reported that the singer has carried his things to the house of Cooper. This Gaga was unable to «forgive» the Russian public.

On the page of the singer in social networks over the last few days there was a lot of comments written in Cyrillic. Most of them devoted to the love triangle. Here are some of them (grammar and punctuation retained):

«Crimea has returned — and Cooper will return.»

«I like this Gaga just did not like… the Photo with the bears no how to start the reactor doesn’t know… children in the garden will no longer drink vodka under its tracks.»

«According to Russian news agencies, Gaga horror started learning Russian language».

Other users continued to spam the page stars. They began to discuss the weather, ask advice on absurd topics and to mention any stereotypes about Russia.

«Comments 🔥🔥🔥🔥 And moms who earn a baby at thirty and has not yet been tightened?»»Sell chickens hens. Eggs are excellent, not that Bradley».»I just ate a kilo of salted fish, drinking milk. Question — strawberries wash or already p**er?

Storm trolling and join some Russian celebrities. For example, the famous comedian Garik Kharlamov wrote: «How to cook khinkali?»

And the other comedian Garik Martirosyan addressed the peers: «Kharlamov, call me back!»

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Anfisa Chekhova «in General, active rumors from the gay community, Bradley likely would have gone to Ricky Martin than Gaga. Say they with Irina under the contract was, not for love».

«Friends, as in English would be «someone else’s lips caress you»? Want Irina Bradley sing at the next concert…», — wrote the leader of group «Hands upwards» Sergey Zhukov.