A convicted pedophile working at the store, locked the two children, who wanted to buy candy

In North Carolina a registered sex offender Hector Castro Sanchez was accused that he was held against his will for two children who came to the store for candy.

According to the chief of police of Newport, Keith Lewis, on Sunday, July 14, two children went into a convenience store Save-U-Time located at the address 272 Chatham Street to buy candy.

Sanchez was the only employee on duty and no other customers inside the store. When they handed the seller $20, he put it in his pocket, but refused to give up the goods. Sanchez locked them up and demanded more money.

In the end, one of the children was able to call his mother, who called the police. Hearing the conversation, Sanchez led the children out from the store.

Both teenagers were stunned and shocked by this incident, but overall they’re fine.

During further investigation police found that Sanchez is a registered sex offender in California but not registered in North Carolina. It is known that Sanchez lived in Newport and worked at the store since at least April 2018.

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He was accused of kidnapping in the second degree, theft, providing fictitious information to law enforcement and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

The accused can get bail in $35 thousand