Mother left 10-month-old girl in the car and went to the store. The child died

10-month-old girl from Richmond (Virginia) supposedly died due to the fact that the mother left her in a hot car while he was buying groceries. Luciana Kay Diaz died from cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital.

The mother of the child said that day went to the grocery store with a child, 10-month, Luciana cavaletti,. The woman claims that the store noticed how the daughter makes gurgling sounds, but did not attach any importance to this. Then they returned home and the mother left, Luciana cavaletti, in the car while I unloaded groceries.

The woman said that the car window was down and door open. According to her testimony, the baby died in the short time it took to finish the unloading of the products. When the mother finished, I discovered that Lucian is lying unconscious, and called 911. On arrival police found the child allegedly suffered from heat stroke.

A neighbor of the family told the local news channel WTVR that woman is lying. She claims that the child’s mother left the baby in the car while he went to the store. From his home, a neighbor saw how she brought the girl home and on his hands made inside. The child, according to the witness, most likely, was already dead. Then came the police and ambulance.

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«This is the 21st child, which died this year in a hot car,» said amber Rollins of