The remains of the employee of the supermarket, missing 10 years ago found behind the fridge

Police in Iowa announced that human remains found behind the fridge at the supermarket earlier in the year, belong to the employee, who went missing 10 years ago.

The remains of the employee of the supermarket, missing 10 years ago found behind the fridgeLarry Ely Murillo-Moncada. Source: Facebook

25-year-old Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada worked in supermarket «No Frills» in Council bluffs, when on 28 November 2009, he disappeared without a trace.

According to captain Todd Bluffs Vedoma, the boy’s parents reported that before the disappearance of their son was very upset and ran out of the house. Then they told the police that he was acting irrationally, probably because of the medication.

During the investigation, law enforcement authorities contacted family members, nearby detention centers, and even the immigration and customs Agency of the USA (formerly Murillo-Moncada was deported to Honduras, before returning to the US), but have not received any information about his whereabouts. While there were no leads.

But 10 years later the case took a new turn. The remains of Murillo-Moncada was accidentally discovered on 24 January, when the contractor removed the shelves and refrigerators of the supermarket, which closed in 2016.

According to Madduma, the staff sometimes came to this room which was used as storage of goods. Most likely, in the day when Murillo-Moncada was last seen, he came back and fell into an 18-inch gap between the back of the refrigerator and the wall, trapped. Gaddum stressed that the noise from the compressors of refrigerators was so loud that his cries for help could not quite hear.

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Police have determined the identity of the victim, by comparing the DNA of parents Murillo-Moncada with a sample taken from the body found.

The autopsy found no signs of trauma, so the guy’s death has been ruled an accident.