Stepfather accused of killing 6-year-old stepson with non-verbal autism. He claims the boy fell down the stairs

6-year-old boy with nonverbal autism from Waukesha (Wisconsin) died 2 days before my birthday. Prosecutors have accused his stepfather was a pedophile Karl Boucaut convicted of rape in 2006 of causing the child multiple severe injuries. Doctors did not hope that the boy will be able to survive with a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. In addition, he had a broken arm, on the body found signs of injuries.

Stepfather argues that the stepson had fallen down the stairs at home and had been unconscious for at least 3 hours. When he was taken to the hospital, the boy could not breathe on his own. Doctors doubt that it is possible to get such a serious injury, just fell on the stairs are carpeted. The medical examiner believes that such force could have caused a car accident or severe impact on the concrete wall.

Stepfather accused of killing 6-year-old stepson with non-verbal autism. He claims the boy fell down the stairsCarl Bookout

Bookout later changed his story, claiming that the stepson was sitting on his shoulders when they began to descend the stairs when he slipped and fell, rolled down the stairs. Given that the child had fixed the hand with the previous fracture, the investigators consider it unlikely that the story of a man — the truth. The speed and force with which the blow was struck the child, exclude the possibility of accidental fall.

The boy’s mother said that she suspected that Bookout could punch a baby. At the time of the incident she was not at home; and when she returned her husband suspiciously thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and living room, although I never did the cleaning.

A few days before the death of the boy’s mother brought him to the hospital with a broken right hand. She claimed that the son fell at Cousin’s Subs in Waukesha.

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The death of the boy has admitted to the murder. 42-year-old Boucaut was arrested on charges of murder in the first degree cruelty to children and concealing information about his current place of residence — required from all registered sex offenders. He will set bail in $500 thousand, if at the preliminary hearing charged with murder.