Teenagers nearly killed the teacher with a joke using a banana

Teenagers, who knew about the fatal reaction of a teacher on bananas, decided to play it straight in the class and brought the woman to the hospital.

Leadership schools in Columbus, Ohio stated that 3 high school student nearly killed his teacher when he used the bananas to cause a very strong allergic reaction.

The incident occurred last November, but the juvenile court only now sentenced all children who are adopted in the drawing part, to conditional release on bail.

So what happened at school that day? Three students decided to play a teacher of painting, which has always warned all the kids and even posted a message outside his class about the fact that she has a severe Allergy to bananas. She called his class territory without bananas. In addition, she was forced to ask for all the children who could eat the bananas, wash after eating hands.

Shooting body camera obtained by the police, shows officers responded to a call about the incident. The school security guard told police that three students who played the teacher, covered with banana the door and the door handle of her class, and then began to throw her bananas when she was in class. Detectives later found under the table bananas, pavshie the teacher on the arm and the leg. Literally within 15 minutes the woman developed anaphylactic shock.

The staff of the institution called 911. The teacher immediately took him to the hospital, where she was fully recovered.

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The mother of one of the pranksters said that the conditions made the students too hard. She said that some teachers just don’t care about children.

It is noted that this year the school district of Columbus has been more than 30 cases of attacks on teachers.