The mother photographed the daughter-the schoolgirl, and saw that right behind the girl, a huge snake

Love to do selfies? Then I suggest you take a good look at the background of what (and whom) you photographed. Otherwise you risk to encounter unexpected «roommate» photo, as happened recently in Alabama.

At first glance, the photo of a seventh grade student from Auburn (Alabama) — Brooke mills — looks very nice.

A high school student who returns to class after the holidays, smiling in front of the camera that holds her mother.

Looking at the picture, you probably did not notice the tree behind the girl «main character» photos – large spotted snake, which easily merges with the tree trunk.

A big snake slithers on a tree and looking directly at the girl. Fortunately, this story ended well.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/08/a898225802bd451f5a635f078256973e.jpg" alt="The mother photographed the daughter-the schoolgirl, and saw that right behind the girl, a huge snake" />Photo: Brooke Mills

According to mother Brooke, she didn’t notice the reptile, until he had a couple of shots.

«God, that was scary! I did two pictures, I asked my daughter to smile wider, and then saw the snake. I said, «Brooke, come here, get away from that tree now.» I said it calmly, but I’m sure the daughter understood the expression on my face,» shared the experienced woman.

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It is not known what kind of snake it was, but all ended well – perhaps the snake just wanted to get into the frame.

By the way, in early July, a snake appeared in a selfie the Australian, when she enjoyed the morning walk in Brisbane.

According to the Australian, she lay on the ground to take a selfie when I heard rustling. It’s late, glancing at the photo, she noticed that the snake was only a few metres from her head.