Scary weather inside the plane. Passengers on a flight to new York was concerned about the thick fog on Board

A thick fog before the flight to new York forced the passengers to survive. But it’s not about the weather, and the fog in the cabin.

A thick layer of fog was captured on video in cabin of Delta Flight 100. Fog has caused anxiety among passengers that flew from Jacksonville, Florida.

Amanda Gonsalves said that there was no odor, but the fog thickened within 30 minutes. She believes that this is due to the wet weather, but wanted Delta stewardess explained to the passengers what it is.

«People wondered why it was taking so long. Flight attendants do not made an announcement and does not explain the phenomenon. They made a joke about it, instead of saying that it is due to moisture or condensation,» said Gonsalves.

Fog and jokes of the flight attendants scared some passengers. The video showed the aviation expert Alan Urmana, who said it was probably condensation, but added that he had never seen such a density of the fog.

Yurman said that although this was a stunning spectacle in a hot and humid day, there are cases when the steam comes out from vents.

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«When the air conditioning is on and you in the cabin is cold air, regardless of cabin temperature, condensation begins,» said Yurman.

Aviation experts said passengers have a right to ask and they should always report anything unusual.

A passenger on #Delta flight 100 recorded a terrifying moment when the cabin appeared to fill with some sort of smoke while waiting on the tarmac. Passengers were headed from #Jacksonville to #NewYork Hear from experts about why this happened @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews

— Jamarlo Phillips (@JamarloANjax) August 14, 2019