A policeman at the bus stop has celebrated small need on a 12 year old girl and filmed it

Arrested a police officer from Cleveland, who was videotaped as he celebrates small need on the girl waiting for the school bus.

According to prosecutors, 34-year-old officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa last Friday saw the bus stop in the city Yuklid (Ohio) a young girl, approached her car and asked to drive it.

When 12-year-old girl refused, Negativa left, and then came back, got out of the car, exposed genitals and began to urinate on the child, lifting it to a mobile phone.

A policeman at the bus stop has celebrated small need on a 12 year old girl and filmed itPhoto: Euclid Police Department

The girl ran away and told about the incident of the mother who called the police. Officer arrested, he made a number of charges, including attempted kidnapping and public indecency.

By the way, on the same day, the police Euclid called a local resident who said a strange man «looking into cars». This man was later identified as Nhiwatiwa.

The girl’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she is going to meet with the police.

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«I will make every effort to do so,» said the woman.

«These actions can not understand, — said Cuyahoga district attorney Michael O’malley. — It will be brought to justice. The mission of my office is to make sure that he never wore a badge».

According to preliminary information, the Solomon Nhiwatiwa have not been brought to justice. He serves in law enforcement in 2014. Now the officer is suspended from work without pay until the end of the trial.

It needs to appear before the court on August 26. The accused or his lawyer have not yet commented on the incident in Euclide.