The Texan died because of the shock, saving his horse during a tropical storm Imelda

19-year-old hunter Morrison died from electric shock trying to rescue his horse from the terrible floods that brought in the Houston area (Texas) tropical storm Imelda.

The tragedy said his brother, Caleb Morrison, in Facebook.

«My family and I are experiencing one of the worst moments in our lives in connection with the loss of a hunter, — he wrote. Thanks for all the kind words and phone calls that I received over the last 8 hours.»

«He tried to move his horse, electrocuted and drowned,» said Caleb, adding that the rumors that his brother pytaetsja to save people were wrong.

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Hello everybody. Right now my family and I are going through one of the most horrific times in our lives with losing…

Geplaatst door Caleb Morrison op Donderdag 19 september 2019

Other Facebook users quickly noted that, even if he was only trying to save his horse, the actions of Morrison’s still commendable.

«He’s still a hero, if tried to save his horse! Very sorry to hear that!» — wrote a user by Sistrunk.

«The rescue horse is more heroic than saving lives. People had to know about it,» said Scott A Pipkins.

At the moment the post of the brother of the deceased gathered about 2.5 thousand reposts and 425 reviews.

A family friend created a page on GoFundMe to help the family cover the funeral costs. The day raised nearly $20 thousand