In the house of the couple «defenders of animals» found more than 120 corpses of dogs

In Missouri , authorities found more than 100 dead dogs in the house and yard pair, the leading non-profit organization for animal rescue.

«Some of the dogs were only bones,» the Sheriff said.

It all started with the fact that in the beginning of September in Texas for animal cruelty was arrested 55-year-old Steven Woodington. According to Sheriff Omar Lucio, the neighbors called law enforcement, complaining about the dogs barking.

The Sheriff found about 270 animals, many of which were covered with faeces and urine. Two dozen animals were found dead.

«This is the worst case of animal cruelty I have ever seen,» said Lucio in an interview with the Associated Press.

As it turned out, Ludington was a member of the nonprofit organization animal rescue of Missouri, entitled «All Accounted For», which was directed by his wife, 49-year-old Tiffany Woodington.

The Sheriff from Texas got in touch with the task force on cruelty to animals in force in Missouri, which is then applied to the County of Benton.

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County Sheriff Benton Eric Knox visited the home of Tiffany Woodington and literally ended up in a horror movie.

On 09/12/19, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Missouri Humane Society Animal Cruelty Task Force…

Geplaatst door Benton County MO Sheriff’s Office op Maandag 23 september 2019

«Tiffany brought us to the old school bus, the barn and the house, where we found 38 dogs and one cat alive, but in unimaginable condition, said Knox. — About 120 dogs and one cat died.»

Knox added that Stephen Wadington animals moved from Texas to Missouri.

Couple accused of animal cruelty, but was released before trial because the defendants paid a Deposit.

It is unclear how severe the sentence will be, given the lack of strict enforcement in Missouri when it comes to cruelty to animals. Sheriff Knox said he intends «to contact legislators and to achieve the best law to provide furry friends more justice in Missouri.»

Almost half was found alive animal can euthanize to save them, say the vets, will not work. And survivors have long-term rehabilitation.