Kindergarten forgot about the 3-year-old boy during a fire

Kindergarten in Arizona, which was evacuated, all staff and children after a small fire, accidentally left on the street one 3-year-old boy, according to the report authorities.

The child was left «completely by himself» when his mother found him «screaming and crying» near the Playground of the kindergarten, Sunrise Preschools in Phoenix last Wednesday.

«He was completely red,» said his mother aliviya szulik. «He was screaming and crying. He was in a perfect panic.»

Shortly before the woman found her own son, an employee of the kindergarten told her that the baby’s father already took him, the report says. But before you drive off from the garden, aliviya called the boy’s father, who said that the child he didn’t.

Heard made her rush back into the building. «I was looking for it forever it seems,» — said szulik. «I mean, they told me that someone took him out of kindergarten, so the first thought that flashed in his brain was that they allowed someone to take my baby».

Szulik said that by the time she found the child, the daycare is closed.

In his statement to the 3 TV in the garden said that they had a small fire in the dressing room for the staff, because they warned parents and conducted the evacuation. «When everyone re-entered the room, one child was left unattended in our fenced Playground about 12 minutes. The child was not injured or wounded,» the statement said.

However, the mother of the child claims that she was not informed about the fire, evacuation and she considers that her son was alone a lot longer than 12 minutes. «I think they are just trying to hush up the case,» she said.

An employee of the kindergarten, are responsible for the incident were suspended from duty without pay, said in the institution.

Police in Phoenix said that they were aware of the incident, but called it a misunderstanding, as noted in the police report.