Tragedy in Arizona: «exorcising a demon» father killed 6-year-old son, scalding it with boiling water

The man tried to «exorcise the demon» from 6-year-old boy, pouring down his throat boiling water. As indicated in the statement on initiation of criminal case, a shocking incident occurred on Thursday.

Pablo Martinez (31), who lives in Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation (representation of ethnic groups, tribe Pascua Yaqui) near Tucson was arrested on Federal charges of first-degree murder, according to the statement made by the representative of the FBI in Phoenix. The foster mother of the child is a member of the tribe Pasqua-Yaqui, but Martinez is not.

Martinez told police that he began to notice the demon inside 6-year-old child in the past week. So on Thursday he offered to buy the son told police he and the foster mother of the child Romelia Martinez.

At some point, the woman heard a gurgling sound coming from the bathroom. She told investigators that the bathroom was locked. She unlocked the door and saw Martinez holding the boy under the tap water, as stated in the indictment.

Romelia Martinez told investigators that she repeatedly yelled for Martinez to stop, but he told her that «he was supposed to do.»

The man told investigators that while taking a bath noticed the child’s «sudden fit of rage», and it forced him to hold the mind of a 6-year-old son under the tap «5-10 minutes». Martinez also told investigators that the hot water drove out the demon.

The man said that Romelia tried to call one’s spiritual teacher, and when he didn’t answer, dialed 911. She told investigators that immediately dialed 911 and saw Martinez trying to do CPR and the son pours cold water.

When firefighters and police Pascua-Yaqui arrived at the house, Romelia and Pablo Martinez were outside. The police asked them what happened, what Romelia said something like «He’ll tell you.»

Martinez told the police that they will not understand because they do not have your vision of the world. As the police continued questioning, according to court records, Martinez threw his hands up and said «I did it». He said that the boy was «demonic, it was a demon, and he had to save him». Romelia also told the police that the child was behaving demonically.

Fire Pascua-Yaqui found the child without clothes. Under it planted the pillow. It seemed that the child wasn’t breathing. He was taken to the medical center, Banner University Medical Center, where doctors pronounced him dead. It found a 15% body burns, including burns on the head, elbows and forearms.

A joint investigation of police Pascua-Yaqui and the FBI is still ongoing, according to a statement from the tribe.

CNN reports that Pablo Martinez, his attorney and family members did not provide comment, as they cannot be reached.