The police could not believe that a dog shot a woman. But the culprit of a gunshot wound turned out to be a Labrador Retriever

Woman in Oklahoma was shot and injured on 3 October by the incredible offender — Labrador Retriever.

Tina Springer allegedly received a wound in the leg due to the Labrador Retriever when they and the elderly man, whom she assists as a nurse, wanted to take the train in Enid, Oklahoma.

The police believe that the dog jumped from the back seat of the car, which led to the shot. The bullet entered the left thigh of the victim, told the police, who believe that the material of the seat cover could jam the trigger of the weapon that led to the shot.

As reported by Enid News & Eagle, Inida police responded to a call in the middle of the day.

During the call to 911, which sometimes ranges from the absurd to the comical, the employer Springer, Brent parks, who was sitting in the car, tried to explain the emergency situation to the dispatcher. «She’s very much bleeding» began to explain to the Manager, Brent parks (79 years). «The gun went off and hit her in the leg!»

When the Manager asked how the shot was fired and a woman was wounded, parks blurted out in one gulp, «Well, it just went off… we Got a dog and he is (impossible to hear) weapons».

A skeptical Manager asks, «I shot the dog?», to which parks responds, «yeah.»

Call gaining drama, when 44-year-old victim begins to wail in the background «I feel bad!»

When the Manager asked parks if he had a clean cloth to stop the bleeding, he shouts «I’m trying to find something to wrap around her legs.»

Parkes was finally able to use his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, according to TV station KFOR of Oklahoma. Springer was taken to the hospital and received medical treatment.

Parks told police that he usually does not carry a loaded weapon, reports The Associated Press.