Miracle dog rescued from under the rubble of the building in the Bahamas. She’d been trapped for 3 weeks

Using drones and special devices, equipped with sensors of heat, rescuers together with the members of the organization, Big Dog Ranch Rescue was able to find the dog trapped under the rubble in Marsh harbour (Bahamas) after hurricane Dorian. Presumably, the animal had been trapped for 3 weeks.

According to the founder of Big Dog Laurie Simmons, she was told about the dog on Friday morning, about 9:30. 13:38 the dog had managed to pull out of the rubble and to deliver to the shelter.

It’s a Miracle! This dog was found under a pile of AC units in Marsh Harbour. It’s believed he was there for over three weeks. Emaciated, he is now getting care and was rescued by @BDRRescue#TasteSeeSoFla @WPTV pic.twitter.com/rxVvkfXd3N

— T. A. Walker (@timallanwalker) October 4, 2019

The fact that she survived is a real Miracle, and a name an animal has been appropriate. A miracle.

«It’s amazing that the dog was able to survive so long alone. says Simmons — He was under the building of the <…> with the hurricane. He’s completely exhausted».

This is @BDRRescue volunteer Sean Irion. He pulled the «Miracle» out from AC units in Marsh Harbour. #TasteSeeSoFla pic.twitter.com/YkfDmvuq0v

— T. A. Walker (@timallanwalker) October 4, 2019

Unfortunately, another dog caught in the trap along with Miraculously, survived.

After employees of the Big Dog helped the dog recuperate after the rescue, a Miracle received permission to travel to the United States — and possibly the long-awaited meeting with the family.

«I hope we can find his owners. notes Simmons — And if not, we’ll find him a wonderful new home.»

This rescue operation — during which the volunteers also delivered 1,200 pounds of food for humans and animals has become the Big Dog of the 12-th c moment of the Bahamas, hurricane Dorian.