15-year-old girl freed from sexual slavery have committed suicide

Family demands justice after 15-year-old victim of sex trafficking committed suicide.

Letty Serrano, it seemed, was a typical high school student with a loving family until she was forced to have sex.

15-year-old girl freed from sexual slavery have committed suicideLetty Serrano. Source: facebook

«She was a lovely girl,’ said grandmother Cynthia Serrano Rivera. She was a good student and loved their puppies».

As reported by KTRK, the teenager committed suicide on Saturday, October 12, two years after the terrible trials that was imposed on her fragile shoulders.

«I feel like I failed her,» says grandma.

Serrano was 13 years old when she was drugged and sold to traffickers in sexual slavery. Later it was found in Moody Park, but her family told that she has never been the same.

«She was injured,» — said Rivera.

Father Mariano Serrano Serrano told ABC13 that he is broken and destroyed because of what happened with his daughter.

Now family members are raising money through Facebook for the funeral of Letty. They also want to let people know how widespread sex slavery in Houston and how to deal with it.

«Unfortunately, this is a very familiar story,» says Mika Gamboa, Executive Director of Elijah Rising.

With her words, in Houston thousands of victims of trafficking, and in Texas more than 300 thousand people.