Diplomats from the United States was taken off the train in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, where in August an explosion occurred at the site

Three American diplomats were taken off the train «nenoksa – Severodvinsk» (Arkhangelsk oblast of the Russian Federation)on suspicion of violating the rules of stay of foreigners in Russia.

About this TASS said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Severodvinsk is the «regime of the city», with regulated visiting for foreign citizens.

According to RBC, according to preliminary information, the train took off a naval attaché at the U.S. Embassy William Whitsitt of Kerthyasa, attaché Jerry Arriola Anthony, as well as military attaché at the Embassy of Colonel D. S. Dunn.

According to the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Ivanov, an attaché have diplomatic immunity.

«Administrative protocols will be drawn up, but they enjoy immunity, so I think will just further trial, as it became possible», — said Ivanov.

As told RBC representative of the U.S. Embassy in Russia Rebecca Ross, American diplomats were on an official trip and duly informed about his trip, the Ministry of defense.

In turn, Yevgeny Ivanov said that the military attaché agreed on a trip to Arkhangelsk, but not in secure territory from Severodvinsk.

«The trip was really matched, but the destination was Archangel. Somehow they were about Severodvinsk», — said Ivanov.

Diplomats were detained at the station of Severodvinsk, where they arrived by train from the village of nenoksa, near which is a military training ground. It was on this ground in August, an explosion occurred, which killed five employees of «Rosatom».