In California shot a family that watched football: 4 dead, 6 injured

In California, searching for the unknown or unknown who opened fire Sunday, November 17, shooting relatives gathered in the backyard of the house.

From 35 to 45 people (mostly relatives), including women and children, gathered in a house in Fresnoto watch a football match when the shooter opened fire in the back yard.

Deputy chief of police Fresno Michael Reid said at a press conference that it was likely a «target shooting», but added that it is still too early to talk about motive.

Fresno police Department is trying to identify the suspect and gathers evidence from the scene.

Police and paramedics have flooded into a neighborhood near Peach and Olive. At least half a dozen stretchers were brought out by houses at the intersection of Caesar and Lamona. Working to get more info from police and from people living nearby

— Marie Edinger KMPH (@MarieEdinger) November 18, 2019.

«According to preliminary information, the shooter was not on the car, he approached on foot and started shooting. He opened fire in the back yard, where the majority of people. It killed three persons, all men aged from 25 to 30 years. Another died in the hospital. Six people were injured — said Reid. — Most likely, it was a targeted shooting, but we don’t know why. Someone chose this house.»

Police cordoned off the area and sent in extra patrols.

«This senseless violence. We will do everything we can to find the suspects and bring them to justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victims,» said a police officer.

There is no information about whether the shooter knew the victims. In addition, not all respondents were present at the sports party. The investigation is ongoing.

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